Property Development Consulting Services

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Scope of Works

 Preliminary Advice

  • Titling arrangements
  • Facility management needs
  • Utility services needs
  • Brief the project sales team on the Owners Corporation function

Preparation of the following disclosure documents:

  • Budget for Administrative Fund 
  • Facilitate the establishment of the Maintenance Fund based on Maintenance Plan prepared by Quantity Surveyor (Maintenance Plan at developers cost)
  • Owners Corporation Rules (Legal confirmation of relevance and conformity of Rules with specifics of development at developers cost)
  • Prepare Statement of Fees showing the Owners Corporation financial liability for each lot

Prior to and / or following Registration of the Plan of Subdivision:

  • Arrange Owners Corporation insurance which gets adjusted at settlement reimbursing the developer on a pro-rata basis
  • Owners Corporation Management Agreement
  • Prepare for and conduct the 1st Annual General Meeting of the Owners Corporation
  • Preparation of Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Arrange all maintenance contracts, such as ESM, cleaning, lifts and VHAC.