New Owners Corporations

Rick Deering’s development achievements in his previous role as employee development consultant included the following projects:

Fulton Lane

A project of this size and significance has demanded significant contributions towards the establishment of the Owners Corporations, of which there will be 5.  Rick Deering worked closely with SP Setia, one of Malaysia’s largest developers, since the inception of the project.  Rick’s advice regarding the appropriate treatment of expenditure to each of the Owners Corporations has been critical to ensure equity is maintained by the respective owners.  The project includes 800 apartments spread across two towers with street level shops and commercial suites.

W Property Group - Cirque

Rick provided Owners Corporation consultancy on this project for the outset and provided invaluable assistance to the developer in preparation of disclosure documentation to ensure a hassle free marketing program.

Meldev - The Richmond

A very close relationship with the developer, the project manager and the builder was required to bring this 72 lot residential projection to fruition.  Rick worked closely with all partners from initial concepts right through to completion.

MAB Corporation - 240 Uni Hill

A unique aspect of this project was the shared conference centre and Rick worked with the developer to incorporate the rules, regulations and operations of the conference facilities into the Owners Corporation structure.

Consolidated Properties - Ikon

A partnership project between Consolidated Properties and VicTrack presented a myriad of challenges for the setting up of the Owners Corporations, of which there are 4.  Rick with closely with all partners to ensure that the project was handed over to the Owners Corporation with all the required detail in place particularly with regard to the shared access to the Glen Waverly Railways Station.