Forms You Might Need

Complaint Form

A lot owner or an occupier of a lot must use this form when they want to make a complaint to the owners corporation about an alleged breach by a lot owner or an occupier of a lot of an obligation imposed on that person by the Owners Corporation Act or the Owners Corporation Regulations of the rules of the Owners Corporation.

Committee Nomination Form

A lot owner can use this form to lodge their nomination for Committee Membership prior to or at an Annual General Meeting of the Owners Corporation.  A lot owner can also verbally noinate themselves if they are in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.

Owners Corporation Proxy Form

A lot owner must use this from to appoint a person to be their proxy at a General Meeting of the Owners Corporation or to participate in a vote of the Owners Corporation.  It is important that this form is signed by all owners of the lot where the lot is in more than one name.

Request Owners Corporation Certificate Form

An Owners Corporation Certificate assists with the facillitation of a sale of a strata titled property and this form is used to request a Certificate.  Information regarding the Owners Corporation that is also useful in facilitating a sale can be obtained by asking your Owners Corporation Manager.

Request to Inspect Register or Records Form

A lot owner, a mortgagee of a lot, a purchaser of a lot or their representative may inspect the records of the Owners Corporation.  This form is used to request the inspection.  One reason for an inspection of the records of the Owners Corporation is to undertake important due dilligence prior to the purchase of a strata titled property.

Need something else?

You might like to check out the forms section of the Consumer Affairs Victoria. It has lots of additional forms and information.