Agreed Management Services

With over 15 years of Owners Corporation management expertise, we know how valuable peace-of-mind is to you and your property owners.  We seamlessly take care of all the administration, financial, and management requirements for your Owners Corporation, and we also record and prepare all documentation required by law.  So that you don’t have to.


  • Prepare and distribute the Notice for the Annual General Meeting
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting for up to 2 hours at a time and location agreed upon
  • Record and distribute the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting.


  • The number of Committee Meetings held each year to be agreed upon.
  • Prepare and distribute (by email) the Notice for Committee Meetings
  • Attend Committee Meetings for up to 2 hours at a time and location agreed upon
  • Record and distribute the Minutes of Committee Meetings


  • Open and operate one bank account
  • Issues Fee Notices for owners fees four (4) times per year
  • Receipt and reconcile fees paid by owners
  • Maintain a list of unpaid owner’s fees
  • Process and pay approved invoices for goods and services
  • Prepare accrued accounts at the end of each Owners Corporation financial year
  • Prepare a draft Owners Corporation budget each financial year.


  • Keep and update the Owners Corporation Register
  • Manage the Owners Corporation data on nominated software
  • Make the records of the Owners Corporation available for inspections
  • Keep the documents of the Owners Corporation but not the archive records.


  • Receive and respond to telephone calls, emails and correspondence of a general nature from owners
  • Provide required documentation to the Owners Corporation StrataMax portal and generally manage the side on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Manage insurance renewal and insurance claims where the insurance is placed through Fawkner May’s nominated insurance broker
  • Liaise / collaborate with the Building Manager as required.